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Visit by special UN reporter
Special UN reporter on violence against women, Ms Rashida Manjo is in official mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to collect informations on violence against women. Special reporter will reconsider different forms of violence against women: domestic violence, violence in society, violence by or motivated by State, violence in conection to transnational area. Reporter will meet goverment officials, NGO's, activists, academicians and victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Informations including recommendations on how to inform on violence against women in BiH, will be forwarded to the Council for human rights.

In this respect, Ms Majo visited FLD Shelter on October 29, 2012 where meeting was held with FLD executive director Ms Jasmina Mujezinović, project menager Ms Selma Begić and Shelter menager Ms Mubera Hodžić- Lemeš.


It was discussed about domestic violence from the civil society perspective, assessing the situation of domestic violence, including how well the laws serve to protect victims. Facts on special challenges and worries victims of domestic violence are facing with have been presented according to experiences of Foundation of local democracy through direct care for victims of domestic violence. Recommendations have also been  suggested in order to improve the situation in this matter. 

About the foundation

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