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Donation to Safe house
Representative of NGO „Novi most“ from Jajce Mr Sabahudin Hajder has donated money to children victims of domestic violence accoomodated in Safe house of Foundation of local democracy.

 „Hit the drums, not weak“ is  humanitarian action which was planned in order to break Guinness world record in druming without break. Based on the idea of activists from the NGO “Novi most” all incomes from the tickets would be going to the Safe house.


But unfortunately the whole program “Drumathon” has been canceled due to health reasons.


Promised support had not failed and with the help of its partners, “Kraljeve kćeri” and Jajce Tours collected donations for children in a Safe house.

„Drumathon“  has been adjourned until further notice, and donation  has been directed to school fundings.

Parliamentary assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fair of civil society organisations

On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, Foundation of local democracy participated to Fair of civil society organisations held on September 18 in the Parliamentary assembly of BiH. Conference on parliamentary data base on civil society organisations was held previously: Cooperation with civil society in legislative process was held day before.


USAID within Parliamentary Strenghtening Project in BiH  and Association for Democratic Initiatives  as organizers invited NGO representatives to meet and contact directly with representatives of Parliamentary assembly of BiH in order to exchange experiences and ideas on legislative process in practise. Possibilities of involving of civil society in legislative process as soon as possible were also discussed including creation of civil society organisations data base for Parliamentary assembly of BiH and FBiH Parliament.

About the foundation

Local Democracy Foundation is a local non-governmental organization that has 18 years of experience in designing, coordinating, managing and providing technical and personnel support for various projects and programs.
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