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Held the first training session on EU standards for the special spa and hotel top management of cross-border area Serbia –Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Renowned experts in the field of health, spa and wellness tourism in the two-day training held on 30 Oktober  and 1 November  2013 at  Zlatibor , presented quality standards Europa Spa med i Europa Spa wellness  and the latest trends in the development of supply and search of these products to  hotel top management from Fojnica , Olovo, Ilidža and Zlatibor.
Presentation of a quality standards had a certified trainer of the most important institution representing the interests of spa centers in Europe, the European association of spa ( ESPA ) with official headquarters in Brussels. Participants were given basic information about the process of certification and criteria in the evaluation process for obtaining EUROPESPA med certification, quality management and quality assurance related to infrastructure and quality of medical and therapeutic services, pools, saunas and wellness.
The second part of the workshop included the presentation of travel for health (motivation, trends ), types of health and spa centers , and a development of services in health tourism and marketing.
Selection of training topics was in accordance with the recommendations from the study on the status and common potential in health tourism in the border regions of Serbia -Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cross spa project will continue with education of middle management and employees in executive positions in specialized hospitals and hotels.

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