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Transfer of knowledge and experience of the Special Hospital Čigota in healthy weight loss programs
On 6th and 7th February 2014, the sixth consecutive workshop within the CROSS SPA project was held in the Aquaterm Spa in Olovo.

The workshop was organized with the objective of transferring good practice and experience of the Special Hospital Čigota from Zlatibor in the realization of the healthy weight loss program for children and adults – programs Čigotica and Čigota. Experts from various fields of expertise from Čigota shared their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues from the spas Aquaterm  Aquaterm Olovo, Reumal Fojnica and Terme Ilidža, as well as with doctors-nutritionists and PA Health Centers in Sarajevo, endocrinologists from the Clinical Center of Sarajevo and a representative of the Federal Ministry of Health.

In the next phase of the project, experts will devise such programs for three spas in Bosnia, based on their twenty-five-year experience in Čigota.
The support offered to the spas through the introduction of innovative programs will enable the improvement of practices and tourist offers. This will attract new clients, tourists that enjoy a healthy life practice. The ultimate objective is for all the spas in the cross-border region that are included in the project to devise and promote a new joint tourist product – the offer of health tourism that is actually based on healthy lifestyle programs.

The entire workshop was followed by the team from the state television BHT1 with the editor of the program and TV show Healthy Life and the recorded material along with the statements of experts will be part of a short series on the programs for healthy weight loss programs as a special tourist offer of the spas included in the project.

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