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Education for primary school pupils

On 07 May 2015 at the invitation of the President of the Council and the Secretary of the Local Community "Liberation Square-Center" , the Manager of Safe House Mybera Hodzic Lemes and coordinator Natasa Mujkanović held the  educational workshop for 50 eighth grade pupils from primary school "Safet Beg Basagic" on "Domestic Violence" and "Violence in teenage relationships ". 

The workshop was interactive with the aim of informing pupils about the issue of violence - how to recognize violence, on the forms and types of violence, to whom and in which way the  victims could have help in case of violence, the existence of the SOS phone line for reporting violence, as well as the work of the Safe House.

 Also, a short educational film on the theme "Violence in adolescent relationships" is shown, which incited the participants to  discussion and deliberation that violence is not acceptable and that there is no justification for violence.

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