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Day of Open Doors

on 9 June, in order to raise public awareness of the problem of corruption, Foundation of Local Democracy as a member of the  ACCOUNT Network, in cooperation with other NGOs from the Network has  organized a day of open doors in the Center for Free Legal Aid.  Aim of this  event was to give another contribution of the NGOs  in the common fight against corruption in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Lawyers and attorney of the Center for Legal Aid of Foundation of local democracy were at disposal to citizens and visitors, as well as to media , to give advice and information, or  to answer any question related to (anti)corruption issue (rights of citizen who report corruption, practical experiences etc.), as well as about other rights in the field of health insurance, labor law, family law, employment, education and social rights.

The attorney Davor Bunoza, permanent associate of the Foundation for Local Democracy from Mostar and Amer Homarac, legal advisor of the Center for Legal Aid gave statements to the media in terms of reviews of work in working groups in which they were engaged within the aforementioned network and the results of the work on the  list of procedures of public procurement in the Canton Sarajevo.

Thanks to the media and their understanding of the such important issue in BH society, the event was very well followed by the media.

For more information, you can listen to the radio show by clicking on the icon… 

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