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Prevention of violence among and against children
After the first cycle of implemented educational workshops for pupils in primary schools, supported by the Municipality Center in 2014, Foundation of Local Democracy in new school year 2015 is starting a new series of workshops entitled "Prevention of violence among and against children " again with the support of the Municipality Center.

Educational workshops were carried out in six (6) primary schools in the Municipality Center: elementary school "Isak Samokovlija," elementary school "Hasan Kikić, Catholic School Center" Sv.Josip ", elementary school "Mehmed Kapetanovic Ljubušak", elementary school "Hasan Kaimija " and elementary school "Vladislav Skarić". The project involves pupils of ninth grade of the above schools.

The aim of workshops is interactive involving of pupils during the workshop as part of a class.

Educational workshops will be useful to pupils to think about the problem of violence and to recognize its forms, the causes and consequences linked to violent behavior. The visual presentation of violence (through educational film), and  the consequences that whatever form of violence can cause, proved to be a very positive and effective for young population for which the film is intended for. Practical training and interactive work with the pupils are very much important in sharing knowledge, skills and value attitudes.

The focus is on preventing the further spread of violent behavior through changing attitudes and behavior towards the problem of domestic violence, including positive socialization, social affirmation and constructive and non-violent conflict resolution.

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