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Children's Week "You will be a happy world when you make a child happy "
In the period from 6th to 8th October 2017, in the organization of the Foundation of Local Democracy and in collaboration with PI „Cantonal Centre for Social Work“, i.e. the services of social protection from all all municipalities and the Safe House, for 45 children from the most vulnerable population of Canton Sarajevo, there was a meet and greet event at the Sarajevo College Institution Global Education.



During the three-day visit through various creative workshops, the children developed skills for the purpose of increasing self-respect and a positive manner of thought towards themselves and other. They were taught on methods of non-violent resolution of possible conflicts as well as the existence of institutions and NGOs they could contact for help. The children also participated in the cultural and entertainment program, i.e. a concert and performance, the aim of which was to influence the awakening of the interests of children for culture and art. 


With the main event at the Youth Centre, the program of this year's Children's Week was oficially concluded, but the memory of the joint gathering according to the children will stay in their memories forever as one of the most beautiful things that had ever happened to them. 


This humane project was fully financed by the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees. 




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