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Foundation of Local Democracy is permanently engaged in creating and implementation of programs related to prevention, protection and combating domestic and gender-based violence.

Educational and preventive programs have been implemented over the years, in both primary and secondary schools throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Canton Sarajevo. As the result of the workshops was a great success and cooperation with the institutions , with the support of the Municipality Center educational workshops were carried out during the 2014/2015 school year, in which  94 students , 10 teachers and educators took part.

Municipality Center has recognized the importance and relevance to proceed with preventive programs in schools in their municipalities approving funds to continue the project in the 2015/2016 school year, with the aim of understanding  the problems of domestic violence and the presence of violent behavior in the school environment.

Innovative methods include a short  film screening with aim to, through interactive work,  educate students  on violence against and among children, how to recognize forms of violent behavior and how to react. The uniqueness of the educational film material is transmitting of  views of the problem of gender-based violence in sensitive manner, and as such will be introduced in others schools in the Municipality  Center. Planned workshops play an important role in the distribution of knowledge, skills and value to final beneficiaries. The created film  will remain the property of the school, which will provide educational material as well as continuing education of young people and future generations.

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Fondacija lokalne demokratije je lokalna nevladina organizacija koja ima 20 godina dugo iskustvo u kreiranju, koordinaciji, upravljanju i pružanju tehničke i kadrovske podrške za različite projekte i programe.
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