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Since October 2000. The Foundation of Local Democracy Water Safe House - Shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence. Its capacity is 35 users / ka (15 women and 20 children). The primary goal of the Shelter is providing direct care and psychosocial support to extremely vulnerable groups of women and children.

Admission to the shelter is made on the recommendation of the Center for social work, police departments or NGOs, on the basis of the signed protocol on dealing with victims of domestic violence between Foundation of Local Democracy, Cantonal Center for Social Work and MUP Sarajevo (Department for special purposes).


In the period from 2000th to 2016th Shelters in both visited the 1430 beneficiary (607 women and 823 children).

Support for the beneficiary gives us Ambulance Sarajevo Canton, the NGO "Your Rights" and "Hope and Home for Children."

The benefit to the community is manifold, because the shelter in Sarajevo Canton is the only safe house for women, girls and children victims of violence.

Types of services provided to victims of domestic violence in a safe house / shelter;

  • Psycho-social treatment (individual, group, educational, supportive, recreational, occupational employment, medical therapy);
  • Providing medical and legal assistance, in cooperation with our business partners: the regulation of health insurance, administrative applications users / ka, regulating rights to social benefits (child allowance, maternity benefits, financial aid, family status);
  • Therapeutic work with a partner / abuser along with social welfare services in Sarajevo Canton area of the Service or the family via mobile visits;
  • Administrative resolution of cases of violence, and criminal prosecution of violence in cooperation with the social protection KS, KS Police Department, the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office, Municipal Court, etc;
  • Economic independence through economic empowerment of users (different forms of economic support to former and current users of the shelter).


Since 2001. The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Refugees and Displaced Persons KS signing of co-financing of victims staying at the shelter accepted the FLD as an equal partner in solving the problem of violence in Sarajevo Canton, which provided partial self-sustainability of the project.Od 2008. godine Grad Sarajevo sufinansira Sigurnu kuću.

Since 2008. The project, funded in part by the UNHCR supported the Safe House in Sarajevo, allowing women access to appropriate shelters for the purpose of educating their training and retraining, as well as health services / services for persons who are not covered by regular health insurance.

Year 2009. signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Human Rights in BiH on financial assistance programs for persons exposed to sexual violence.

The rest of the funding to ensure the safe house over the designed projects that only apply to different donors.
About the foundation

Local Democracy Foundation is a local non-governmental organization that has 20 years of experience in designing, coordinating, managing and providing technical and personnel support for various projects and programs.
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