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Since 2004, the 24-hour SOS Red Line, a phone that all female citizens, primarily the Sarajevo Canton and beyond, allows to report any kind of violence and to obtain adequate information on how to address the problem of violence or prevention of violence, i.e. which contact for the further assistance.

The opening of this line was preceded by the signing of the Protocol on the procedure between the Ministry of Interior of the Sarajevo Canton, Public Institution Cantonal Centre for Social Work and the Foundation for Local Democracy.

2008 Local Democracy Foundation, with five organizations signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Gender Centre of the FB&H on the establishment of a single emergency phone 1265, for the Federation. Local Democracy Foundation, the regional rotation calls the help line for victims of domestic violence, takes calls from Sarajevo Canton and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton.


About the foundation

Local Democracy Foundation is a local non-governmental organization that has 20 years of experience in designing, coordinating, managing and providing technical and personnel support for various projects and programs.
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