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IMPLEMENTATION PERIODE: September 2014 - September 2017

The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the overall response to domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the development of a strategic framework that promotes synergetic and coordinated efforts of state and non-state actors. 

The proposed project will enable the Network to gain insight into the capacity of their members, on the basis of the adopted common agenda/platform of work and analysis and will enable quality continuation of work in the field of the fight against gender based violence and especially domestic violence, by establishing a strong partnership between governmental bodies and the Safe Network. The Safe Network will continue with their advocacy for establishing and improving unique standards of protection for women from violence.
Specific project objectives:
Increase the impact of the Safe Network to combat domestic violence based on the its strategic plan by; developing agreed governance and decision making mechanisms, enhancing and strengthening the capacities of the members, establishing formal cooperation framework with government organizations at the levels off the state of BiH.
Expected results and outcomes:
Safe Network new members and Advisory Board members are professionalized and have up to date ledge and practice in key technical and management areas;
SN is effectively governed and managed based on new governance and leadership practices and procedures;
SN membership is expanded with at least 10 new, active members;
SN advocating for issues based on an agreed advocacy strategy for gaging with public institutions and agencies;
SN and SN membership sustainability is improving through contributions from public funding;
By laws for the implementation of the new Laws on Protection from DV have been developed and signed into force by local authorities;
SN is formally collaborating with local authorities based on signed partnership agreements with Gender Centers of federation and RS;
Formal local referral mechanism between relevant authorities and SN members are operating
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