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The Development and Promotion of Health Tourism in cross-border area Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina- CROSS SPA
„The Development and Promotion of Health Tourism in cross-border area Serbia- Bosnia and Herzegovina- CROSS SPA“ is project realized under IPA cross-border Serbia-BiH-CROSS SPA programme and financed by European Union. Project implementation started on April 1, 2013 and it will last for 18 months. Total project cost is 452.152 EUR.

Project leaders are Regional Tourist Organisation Užice-Western Serbia and Foundation of Local Democracy, Sarajevo. Partners are Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA d.o.o. (BiH) and Zlatibor Economic Region Development Agency (RS).

This project is aimed to strenghten regional cooperation and sustainable economic development in cross-border area Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina through integrated offer of health tourism. Establishment and development of new health tourism product will improve the offer in cross-border area through different forms of tourist products promoting healthy life and responsibility for one's own health.

In order to achieve goals of the project, partners will develop Analysis/Study on the situation of health tourism in cross-border area, on improving skills and knowledges of personnel in health tourism sector through trainings and educations related to EU standards and new trends in business, on sharing knowledge and experiences, on promotion of tourist infrastructure, development and promotion of joint cross-border tourist product.
About the foundation

Local Democracy Foundation is a local non-governmental organization that has 20 years of experience in designing, coordinating, managing and providing technical and personnel support for various projects and programs.
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